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Going Through Divorce?

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Few events are more stressful or trying than divorce. Even in the best possible conditions there are still hang-ups and headaches to deal with. In many cases a couple is forced to stay connected financially due to the house that they own.

So what are your options? You could continue to co-own the home, but that isn't helping anybody move on. One spouse could buy out the other one, but there would be a new mortgage involved which is hard for just one person to keep up with these days.

You could go the traditional route--list with a realtor, wait around for a buyer to show up, hope they can get a mortgage and then have to pay a commission. You could try to sell your house on your own and have to maintain the house during the whole process. Or what we believe is your best option close with a quick, cash sale to us.

I can provide you with a fast sale and cash for your house. It's time to move on and I'm ready to help you do that. Just fill out the form to get started. I live in the South Jersey area, so within 24 hours I'll make you a cash offer on your house. In a matter of days you can be free of your old house and ready to move on with the rest of your life.

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